Alphabet Wristbands


Are you looking for a fun and unique way to celebrate student learning? Why not try these new alphabet wristbands? Each wristband features one letter and two images that begin with the letter. Your students will have fun creating and wearing their very own wristband!

This pack includes 26 different wristbands (one per letter). Each wristband includes three images – your students will identify which two images begin with the wristband letter, color these pictures, and cut and paste them onto their wristband. Wristband assembly is very simple, and can be completed in less than one minute (not including decorating time!).

There are various ways these alphabet wristband can be used in your classroom:

  • Award them to individual students as they learn to identify each letter
  • Each student makes one before they begin learning the letter (they can be used as a visual prompt and a constant reminder of the focus letter)
  • Make a class set:
    • Students each wear a different letter and teacher calls out a specific letter to complete a specific task
    • Teacher calls out a word and students who are wearing the wristbands with the letters of the word stand up to spell the word
    • Students form a line in alphabetical order
  • And much, much more!

Please check out the preview images to see what’s included in this pack, and contact me before purchasing if you have any questions.

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