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Don’t Eat the Glue and Other Teacher Tales

In this post, I’ll be sharing humorous titles for teacher memoirs.

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I recently finished reading Teacher by Gabbie Stroud. It’s a powerful memoir of one teacher’s journey. It got me thinking about my own teaching journey and so I asked my audience one simple question:

If You Wrote a Book About Your Teaching Journey, What Would the Title Be?

Here are 65 of the most popular responses:

  • It’s Your Job To Learn ‘Em
  • Things I Never Thought I’d Hear And Do
  • Untied Shoes: A Year In Kindergarten
  • What Do You Mean You Don’t Know How Your Pee Got In His Hair? And Other Tales From A Second Grade Classroom
  • Glitter, Sand And Suspicious Puddles (A Teacher’s Journey In Early Childhood)
  • Go Wash Your Hands; We Don’t Put Our Fingers There
  • ‘Stop Stealing Tim’s Nuts’ And Other Things I Regret Saying Out Loud
  • It’s Not Just Nurses That Deal With Vomit And Sh!t
  • Stop Licking The Glue….
  • Don’t They Have Parents?
  • Only Humor Gets Us Through The Day
  • This Awesome Chaotic Life Called Teaching
  • Left My Sanity At Home
  • The Dog Ate My Sanity
  • No. Teachers Don’t Live At The School!
  • Fun, Laughter, And Tears… The Life Of A Preschool Teacher
  • Children Just Need Someone To Believe In Them…. The Journey
  • A Heart Overflowing- An Unforgettable Journey With The Most Memorable Little People
  • How To Escape Teaching And Get Your Life Back
  • Talk To The Walls, Coz The Kids Ain’t Listening
  • Why Is That Wet? And Other Mysteries Of The Infants Classroom
  • Winging It And Other Short Stories
  • Spinning Plates And Putting Out Fires
  • You Can’t Make This Sh!T Up: A Memoir
  • How Many Sleeps Until The Holidays?
  • She Did Too Much And Never Enough
  • Well… That Didn’t Go To Plan
  • From Teaching To Nervous Breakdown
  • Just When I Thought I’d Seen It All
  • How To Forget You Needed To Pee 4 Hours Ago
  • Don’t Make Me Use My Teacher Voice
  • Secrets In The Stacks: A Teacher Librarian’s Retelling Of Second Hand Gossip Overheard While Shelving Book Returns
  • Going To Work Sick And Other Teacher Luxuries
  • Teaching Is Easy And Others Lies They Told You
  • What Do You Mean We Don’t Have A Sub?
  • Lost Minds And Lost Pencils
  • I Can’t, I’m A Teacher
  • Middle School And Other Horror Stories
  • Cold Coffee … And Other Delights!
  • Don’t Lick Your Desk
  • The Ups And Downs Of Lessons
  • Why I Don’t Need Kids Of My Own
  • I Don’t Do It For The Money!
  • To Do And What You Forgot To Do – The Tales Of A Tired Teacher
  • Don’t Lick The Table And Other Things I Never Thought I’d Say In 8th Grade
  • Jack Pooped On His Chair And Henry Is Under The Table Barking. A Day In The Life Of A Kindergarten Teacher
  • Lessons Life Taught Me When I Was A Teacher Myself
  • That’s Your Verbal Warning
  • Plan All You Want (But It’s Not Actually Gonna Go Down Like That)
  • “Why Would You Punch Each Other’s Penises?!”: Legendary Tales From Primary School Teaching
  • How To Really Hate Loving Your Job While Really Loving To Hate Your Job
  • Keep Calm And Pretend It’s On The Lesson Plan
  • ‘It’s Not Just Coloring In’ – The Eternal Anguish Of An Art Teacher
  • Why Does It Always Stink In Here? Self-Awareness For The 5th Graders In Your Life
  • What Children Tell Teachers About Their Parents
  • ‘Hostage Negotiation’ And Other Random Skills I Learnt As A Primary Teacher
  • The Kids Are Great! (It’s The Parents You Have To Watch For)
  • It Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time
  • Adventures In Taming Tiny Humans
  • Please Don’t Chew On Your Chair
  • My Life As A Lesson Plan
  • Parent Wars: How To Still Care About Teaching When Parents Think You Don’t
  • Please Don’t Lick Your Friends – Life Lessons From A Pre-K Classroom
  • “Get The Chickens Out Of Your Pants” And Other Out Of Context Statements

Got a different title that sums up your teaching journey? Leave a comment below to let me know!

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