Country Research Project – China


Engage your students in geography by learning about the world around them with this fun country study of China. Your students will create a 18-page mini book all about China. They will read the included reading material about China and use that, together with other books or online resources, to complete each page in their own Chinese mini-book.

Your students will complete the following tasks about China:

  • Identify China on a world map
  • Label the major Chinese cities
  • Develop general knowledge of Chinese facts
  • Learn about the origins and look of the Chinese flag
  • Learn about common foods in China
  • Investigate native animals to China
  • Explore popular Chinese sports
  • Identify significant landmarks in China
  • Learn some common Chinese phrases/expressions
  • Identify traditional Chinese clothing
  • Research a famous Chinese person
  • Compare and contrast China with another country by completing a Venn diagram
  • Research significant historical events that occurred in China
  • Research significant dates/celebrations in China

This country study also includes 4 reading pages that students can use as part of their research.

This pack includes:

  • 18-Page student mini-book
  • 4 Reading pages
  • Teacher notes that explain assembly and provide teaching tips
  • Visual assembly guide with color photos

Please check out the preview images to see what’s included in this pack, and contact me before purchasing if you have any questions.

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